45 Plex: A multi-use complex
Location: Burbank, CA

Studio project (3A: House and Housing) with design partner Jenny Agdayan

The project focused on creating a mixed use complex with 45 residential units and street level commercial spaces. The proposal called for three residential towers with a private entry resting on top of street level commercial spaces, with a four level underground parking.
The residents would have access to a private "ground level" common area, along with a grow wall which is accessible to all units. Regional appropriate vegetation is selected to reduce the impact of excess irrigation, and in certain areas the elimination of trees which are replaced by artificial trees that require no irrigation but provide area lighting, shade, and seating opportunities.
The goal of the residence is to provide a balance between privacy and urban living. Each unit is allocated an entire floor level accessible by private elevators, a community garden, and a private garden space via a vertical grow wall.
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The New Tree
: The New Tree